Easy Way to get $50 Walmart Cash by Joining Walmart+

Walmart is offering an exciting promotion for new Walmart+ members to earn $50 in Walmart Cash! This is a limited-time offer that ends on January 31, so be sure to sign up soon to take advantage of this deal.

What is Walmart+?

Walmart+ is a new membership program from Walmart that offers benefits like free unlimited delivery from your store, fuel discounts, and early access to deals. It costs $98 a year or $12.95 a month.

Some key features of Walmart+ include:


Free unlimited delivery

One of the best perks of joining Walmart+ is getting free unlimited delivery on groceries and more from your local Walmart store. This allows you to skip going to the store and have your items delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

With Walmart+, there is no minimum order size required to qualify for free delivery like other grocery services. Whether you need just a few items or a large weekly shop, delivery is completely free.

You can get next-day delivery or two-day delivery windows depending on your location. Simply place your order online or via the app by a certain cutoff time, and your items will arrive by the selected delivery day.

Walmart partners with third-party services like DoorDash to provide fast and reliable delivery. Your fresh groceries will be hand-picked at your store and delivered chilled or frozen in insulated bags.

Unlimited free delivery with Walmart+ can save you time and money. No more lugging heavy grocery bags or paying delivery fees. Skip the checkout lines and avoid impulse purchases.

Even better, you can get access to a wider range of products online compared to just your neighborhood store’s inventory. Browse and order from thousands of grocery items, pantry goods, household essentials, and more.

The convenience of unlimited grocery delivery is useful for many situations:

  • Stock up on supplies when you’re too busy to shop
  • Order heavy items like cases of water so you don’t have to carry them
  • Get ingredients delivered for a recipe you want to cook
  • Refill recurring essentials like diapers, pet food, or personal care items
  • Shop for an elderly relative or friend who has difficulty getting to the store

Walmart delivery services are expanding to reach more neighborhoods. Check if your local Walmart store offers delivery before signing up for Walmart+ to take full advantage of unlimited free delivery.

Overall, getting your groceries and other Walmart purchases delivered quickly for free an unlimited number of times is a major time-saver. It’s one of the most valuable Walmart+ benefits for members.

Fuel Discounts

One way Walmart+ can help you save money is through fuel discounts at Walmart and Murphy gas stations. As a member, you can save up to 5 cents per gallon when filling up.

These fuel savings really add up, especially if you fill up weekly. Over a year, you could potentially save $100+ on gas depending on where prices are at.

Walmart+ members receive discounts on gasoline at over 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express locations nationwide. Most Walmart stores have a gas station on premises where you can immediately save on your fuel purchase.

To get the Walmart+ gas discount, simply scan the Walmart app at the pump or provide your Walmart+ membership number inside the store. The gas savings will apply automatically for your fill-up.

There are no limits or caps on how much fuel you can buy at the discounted price. Whether you just need a few gallons or are filling up an SUV, you’ll save 5 cents per gallon off the current gas price.

The fuel discount is just one of many ways a Walmart+ membership can pay for itself. Between the savings on delivery fees and gas, you may quickly offset the $98 annual fee.

Filling up at Walmart gas stations also has other perks beyond the Walmart+ fuel discount:

  • Convenient one-stop shopping – buy your groceries and gas in one trip
  • Wide availability across the country at 2,000+ locations
  • Top tier gasoline like Unleaded 88 that protects engines
  • Quality Murphy USA stations with clean facilities
  • Ability to earn Walmart Rewards points when paying for gas

With gas prices often fluctuating, it feels great to save a guaranteed 5 cents off every gallon. That adds up to big savings for frequent drivers and commuters.

The Walmart+ fuel discount provides reliable gas savings you can count on every time you fill up your tank.

Early Access to Deals

Walmart+ members get exclusive early access to deals and discounts on Walmart.com. This allows you to beat other shoppers to the best online promotions.

As a member, you may receive invitations to shop sales up to four hours before the deals are made available to everyone. For popular sales events, those extra few hours can make a difference.

Walmart+ early access has been offered for some of their biggest sales of the year like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday deals. By getting first dibs, you have a better chance of snagging a top deal before inventory sells out.

Some examples of early access sales include:

  • Early Black Friday deals in November
  • Toys before the holidays in December
  • Back to school supplies in August
  • Prime Day competing deals in July
  • Memorial Day weekend sales in May

Beyond special sales days, Walmart+ members may also get early access to new product launches. This VIP treatment allows you to shop new arrivals before items potentially sell out.

The early access generally applies to the online assortment on Walmart.com and the app. But having first pick of digital deals can still be a big advantage.

Here are some tips to make the most of Walmart+ early access events:

  • Add desired items to your cart ahead of time so you can check out faster once the sale starts.
  • Set calendar reminders for upcoming early access windows so you don’t forget.
  • Create a wish list of products you hope go on sale.
  • Follow @Walmart and check emails for early access notifications.
  • Act quickly once sales open since popular items go fast.
  • Stack with other discounts like rollbacks for maximum savings.

The thrill of being first to shop always feels good. With Walmart+, you can be the early bird who gets the savings worm!

Mobile Scan & Go

Tired of waiting in long checkout lines at Walmart? The Mobile Scan & Go feature in the Walmart app lets Walmart+ members skip the line and pay directly on their phones.

Here is how Walmart’s mobile self-checkout works:

  1. Open the Walmart app and go to the Mobile Scan & Go page. Follow the prompts to set up an account.
  2. As you shop, use the app to scan barcodes on items and add them to your virtual cart.
  3. Browse and shop like normal while scanning items to your phone throughout your trip.
  4. When finished, go to the Mobile Scan & Go pay page to review your total and complete checkout with an accepted payment method.
  5. Show your digital receipt to the employee at the door and exit the store without waiting in line!

Mobile Scan & Go speeds up the shopping experience by letting you check out on your own time. There’s no need to unload your basket onto the conveyor belt. Just pay on your phone and go.

This touchless self-checkout option is faster and more convenient. Walmart+ members can avoid crowded checkout areas and skip interacting with cashiers entirely.

Scan & Go works for all shopping trips, from a quick grocery run to a major stock-up haul. Walmart+ members get the time-saving benefit every time they shop.

Here are some best practices for using Mobile Scan & Go smoothly:

  • Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.
  • Have your payment method loaded in the app for easy checkout.
  • Bag items as you shop to stay organized.
  • Check your digital receipt to ensure everything scanned.
  • Bring headphones to listen for scan tones if needed.
  • Fully charge your phone battery beforehand.
  • Use Scan & Go for 10 items or less if new to it.

Walmart is rapidly expanding Mobile Scan & Go capabilities across its stores. Check if your local store offers it so you can start skipping the lines as a Walmart+ member.

Mobile scan & go

Scan items as you shop and pay on your phone to skip the checkout line.

How to get $50 in Walmart Cash

Signing up for a new Walmart+ membership before January 31, 2024 will get you a $50 Walmart eGift Card to spend at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com.

Here are the steps to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Go to the Walmart+ sign up page at Walmart.com or the Walmart app.
  2. Select the monthly or yearly membership plan.
  3. Enter your payment information to sign up.
  4. Once your membership is activated, you will receive an email with your $50 eGift Card within 24 hours.
  5. You can redeem the eGift Card online or scan the barcode at checkout in stores.

That’s it! The $50 eGift Card will be applied to your new Walmart+ membership as a sign-up bonus.

Benefits of getting the Walmart Cash

Scoring $50 in Walmart Cash just for signing up for a paid Walmart+ membership is a sweet deal. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It’s essentially free money to spend at Walmart stores and website. You can use the eGift Card towards groceries, electronics, home goods, toys, and more.
  • You can stack the eGift Card with other Walmart promos and rollbacks for extra savings.
  • It’s a great perk on top of all the existing Walmart+ benefits like free delivery and discounts.
  • No restrictions on how to use the $50 Walmart Cash – spend it however you like!

How to maximize the $50 Walmart Cash

To make the most out of your $50 Walmart eGift Card, here are some smart ways to use it:

  • Stock up on pantry staples and grocery essentials. Buy your regular groceries like eggs, milk, bread, snack items. The gift card will help lower your grocery bills.
  • Shop seasonal categories. Use it on summer clothes and items, back-to-school supplies, or holiday gifts.
  • Purchase discounted items. Combine it with Rollbacks, Special Buys, and clearance items for maximum savings.
  • Buy higher-ticket items. Put it towards pricier products like electronics, appliances, or furniture.
  • Shop Walmart fashion. Renew your wardrobe with the gift card – clothes, shoes, accessories.
  • Sign up for auto-delivery. Schedule recurring delivery of household consumables like paper towels, pet food, baby supplies.

Why join Walmart+ now?

Signing up for Walmart+ by January 31 is a great idea for several reasons:

  • Limited-time offer. The $50 Walmart Cash sign-up bonus expires after January. Get it while you can!
  • Start saving immediately. Take advantage of free unlimited delivery and other great benefits right away.
  • No commitments. Walmart+ plans are month-to-month. Cancel anytime if it’s not for you.
  • Extra deals and perks. Walmart+ members often get special offers and discounts.
  • Welcome gift. The $50 eGift Card makes the membership cost even more worthwhile.

Don’t miss out on earning $50 in Walmart Cash! Join Walmart+ today and unlock all the convenience and savings this new program offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this offer expire?

This limited-time promotion to earn $50 in Walmart Cash when you sign up for Walmart+ ends on January 31, 2024. Sign up by then to qualify.

Can I use the $50 eGift Card online?

Yes, you can redeem your Walmart eGift Card on Walmart.com and the Walmart app for online purchases and delivery.

How long do I have to use the $50 Walmart Cash?

Your eGift Card never expires! You can use the full $50 Walmart Cash amount anytime after activating your Walmart+ membership.

What if I cancel my Walmart+ membership?

The $50 Walmart eGift Card is yours to keep and use even if you decide to cancel your paid Walmart+ membership at any time.

Can I sign up with a free trial first?

Unfortunately this offer is only valid for paid Walmart+ membership sign-ups, not free trials. You must pay for your first month or year upfront to qualify for the $50 Walmart Cash.

Sign up for Walmart+ now and redeem your $50 eGift Card welcome offer before January 31!

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